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Nominated by the Jazz Journalists Association
for the 2019 Album Cover Award




“Look deep within a source of essential sound.  See gleaming colors pour out of live music  and run together inside both eyes,  all falling as well into open ears. Two-hands listening can breathe together, move, dance and flow across horizon space dropping wet colors down through time.” 

- Jeff Schlanger

Blue Midnight: (Joe McPhee 2000)




Joseph Daley Tuba Trio

musicWitness: 'A Legend Rivers'
(Joseph Daley Tuba Trio with
Warren Smith, Scott Robinson & Ken Filiano)
Live @ Children's Magical Garden
on Stanton Street NYC October 1, 2023



Jump Off This Bridge

Soup & Sound Online #5 JUDITH INSELL
Jump Off This Bridge: Time & Variations

a collaboration between the collective quartet,

Judith Insell (viola)
Eli Asher (trumpet)
Virg Dzurinko (piano)
Leonid Galaganov (percussion)
Jeff Schlanger, MusicWitness Visual Arts

Dec. 9, 2020


Vision-26 Arts for Art

Vision27 Arts for Art 2023

Vision-27 June 2023

Vision26 Arts for Art 2022
Vision-26 June 2022


VISION-23 --- Poster 20 x 24"

Vision-24 Poster 2019:
featuring Lifetime Recognition Honoree, great drummer Andrew Cyrille,
with soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome playing Cyrille's composition,
Water, Water, Water.


VISION-23 --- Poster 20 x 24"

Vision-23 Poster 2018: Dave Burrell



Vision-20 Poster 2015: Matthew Shipp Trio

Vision-20 Poster 2015: Matthew Shipp Trio



William Parker Live 2008

Cathedral Wisdom Light (William Parker Solo) Live in Toronto June 26, 2008




Steal Away

Steal Away
30x20-foot public mural



 ROOSTERS : (James Blood Ulmer) - 2004
Trumpet AIR invert

Trumpet Air (Joe McPhee Solo) at The Stone, NYC 2005



ROOSTERS : James 'Blood' Ulmer - 2004

Contemporary Creative Music

Muntu Two : (Jemeel Moondoc) - 2002



Unlocked Souls (William Parker)





CHILE • New York • GAZA - 2021

El Taller Latino Americano has published a 7-minute video
looking deeply into the CHILE • NEW YORK • GAZA ensemble.
Its soundtrack is a composition of musicWitness' own practice.


An extensive online exhibition with background material
is currently also on view at the El Taller Gallery site:






SEEING SOUNDS : musicWitness® Audio Interview
(42:23) by journalist Zoë Schlanger for a podcast
on the subject of sounds and visual perception.


Witnessing Sonoluminescence

with a Curatorial Statement by Jesse Stewart
introducing a 2017 musicWitness® exhibition of works
documenting the Sonoluminescence Trio Live in Canada.


musicWitness® Connie Crothers Book
the performances of musicians,
dancers & poets celebrating the
wonderful pianist Connie Crothers


musicWitness® @ Vision Festival -19:
Marek Lazarsky: www.cooljazz



William Parker/Jeff Schlanger (Witnessimo)
Review in the NYC Jazz Record June 2014 issue page 41
by John Sharpe


musicWitness® @ Guelph Jazz Festival:
Marek Lazarsky: www.cooljazz
September 4-8, 2013



musicWitness® & Testimone di Jazz
Interview with Jeff Schlanger titled
‘Testimoni di Jazz’ in the Italian Jazz magazine
Jazz Colo(u)rs #12, 2010



musicWitness® with Poet Mark Weber
@ The Stone 2009:

(see painting at the top, photo & link at the bottom)





musicWitness® & William Parker
on CBC Radio in Canada

Interview by Andrew O'Connor - Sept./Oct. 2008



musicWitness is featured in Signal to Noise publication, issue #49
It is a well-distributed quarterly on new music out of Houston.



musicWitness® @ [one final note]



issue #11 Vision Festival 2002
May to June. The Center & CBGB's - New York



issue #9 20th anniversary 2001
20th Tampere, Finland Jazz Happening



issue #7-8 summer/fall 2001
Vision Six : The Flow of Feeling



issue #6 spring 2001
Mercuric Visions II : The SCROLL



issue #5 winter 2000/2001
Tampere Jazz Happening 2000


issue #4 fall 2000
The Compelling Interrelationship of
Music and the Visual Arts


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