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JEFF SCHLANGER a New York City native, graduate of Music & Art High School and ceramic art student of Maija Grotell at Cranbrook,  has created public art projects on three interrelated subjects : Peace, War and Music.

music Witness® paintings and sculpture have been part of all 18 annual Vision Festivals held each spring in New York City. In 2010-13 projections of performance paintings were integrated with live performances on stage. In 2010, a long scroll of thirty paintings was created live over eight nights of avantjazz concerts while an exhibition of paintings honoring Muhal Richard Abrams, Rashied Ali and Billy Bang was installed just outside the auditorium. mW® was performance painter at InterPlay!Berlin 2006, in the Tampere, Finland Jazz Happening 2000—2003, 2006 & 2012, at Sons d’hiver in Paris 2004, AIMToronto in 2007 and 2010 and as resident artist at the Guelph, Canada Jazz Festival 2013 and graphics artist there in 2002 & 2005. He will be awarded lifetime visual arts recognition during the 19th Vision Festival in June 2014.

musicWitness® exhibitions have also been held at the Academy of the Arts Berlin, Hunterdon NJ Art Museum, Webster University-St. Louis, and at El Bohio, the Improvisors Collective, the Learning Alliance, Abrons Arts Center and the Orensanz Art Center on New York’s Lower East Side. Four exhibitions were integrated into the old Knitting Factory on Houston Street from 1993 to 1995 and three major works installed in the Knitting Factory on Leonard Street in New York. Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco held a solo exhibition along with two live painting-demonstration concerts and a BlueGuitar sculpture with related works were created during a live concert in Sonoma, California Art Center in 1999.

A 40 x 30-foot outdoor mural of Bob Stewart’s Tuba solo Steal Away has been installed opposite the public Library in New Rochelle, NY 2008-2014.


A major musicWitness® painting and sculpture installation was presented in New York at the CUE Art Foundation in 2005 featuring two Witnessed live concerts in the charged space. The second concert, featuring William Parker, Oluyemi Thomas, Joe McPhee and Lisa Sokolov, is now documented on DVD as SPIRITWORLD, premiered in June 2006 in Berlin at the Academy of the Arts and in New York at Anthology Film Archives.
featuring William Parker & Roy Campbell, was premiered at the Guelph Jazz Festival in 2013 and is now available on DVD.

Recording covers, produced at the request of many leading musicians, include: World Saxophone Quartet -Live in Brooklyn, Billy Bang Sextet -Live at Carlos 1, Marty Ehrlich-Falling Man, Muhal Richard Abrams & Roscoe Mitchell-Duets and Solos, Borah Bergman - The Fire Tale & The Stone House, Charles Gayle -Consecration & More Live, William Parker’s 3 Solo CDs -Testimony, Lifting the Sanctions and Live at Somewhere There 2010 and small groups: In Order to Survive, Compassion and, with Kidd Jordan & Alan Silva, Emancipation; also Invisible Wisdom with Kidd Jordan & Oluyemi Thomas. In addition, four covers were made for the late Hall of Fame musician Julius Hemphill: Trio Live, two Sextet recordings, Fat Man & The Hard Blues and Five Chord Stud, and the sound environment for Schlanger’s 42nd street ceramic sculpture installation of 400 Faces, CHILE NEW YORK.

Connie Crothers’ duo with Michael Bisio -Live @ 475 Kent along with her recorded Quartet Live at The Stone and duo with clarinetist Bill Payne, The Stone Set + JD Parran’s Solo, Window Spirits, were released in 2010. An extensive series of performance pictures are integrated into the book of William Parker’s CENTERING Box, 2012 and his WOOD FLUTE SONGS Quartet Box Centerfold, Epic Poet, 2013. The massive William Parker SESSIONOGRAPHY book, 2014, contains musicWitness® art throughout and is featured in color on its front cover.





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